What's what here on Obsidian Portal: 

This is built to be a very open, cooperative effort to share information.

  • Dashboard is summary stuff, recent posts and such. Pretty sweet.
  • This is the front page! Hi!
  • We're not using the forum, because it's a pay feature.
  • We're not using the calendar, because it's a pay feature.
  • Post in the Adventure Log about our story. You can post in character or as a narrator. We can also post comments about the log.
  • I'm not planning to use the Media Library.
  • Information about the world goes in the wiki.
  • Create characters including NPCs through the Characters page. IMPORTANT: You can choose to use a character sheet template that formats things very nicely. I like them, but I'm afraid it's a bit buggy. INSTEAD, you may wish to be safer and use a character stat block template copied from my example character.
  • Maps are maps, if we ever have any. 

Dawn of the Gone

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